The Process of Product Design

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Product design isn’t as simple and straightforward as you may think. The process of product design involves various steps before reaching the final goal and before reaching a finished and finalised product. Read this guide on product design here to a few of the processes needed.


Product Design
Product Design

1. Design Brief – This typically will involve many factors. This is where you will begin to research the market for your product and find out what the competitors are doing. Of course there is also a technical aspect. You will need to identify tools and components that will be needed, and see if it fits within your budget. The commercial aspect of the brief will typically involve market research and reports, along with targets and forecasts for the future.

2. Idea Generation – This is where initial sketches and layouts of ideas will be drawn up. From pencil 2D sketches to 3D CAD drawings involving particular attention to details.

3. Concept – Initials ideas will be looked into, and a stronger emphasis will be laid on narrowing it down to one idea. More of a development on CAD designs will be brought in at this stage, to get a clearer idea of the product.

4. Design Development – This is where intent to design the final product will be introduced. Sturdier prototypes will be made and each part of the product will be more detailed and focused.

5. Further development will then take place to actually create the intended product.


Ultimately product design is an important part of the process of designing a new product, it can help determine whether a product will succeed or fail, and this will help avoid any unnecessary costs.


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