Renderings & Technical Animations

3D Graphics by RF3 Design

We provide renderings and technical animations for promotional and informational purposes.

Using 3D CAD we provide a practical way of taking multiple multi-angle shots of client products (created as a 3D model) and showing product assembly.

Our past clients have come to us with such problems as having many variants of a single product, lack of access or practical access to professional studio conditions, or simply having a concept in their mind but don’t quite know how to bring it to life.

Using our powerful Flamingo Nxt and Bongo 2.0 animation suite combination we can save our clients time and stress by providing a quick, low maintenance means of producing high quality images and animations.


Renderings by RF3


Our software can regulate light as proficiently as any digital camera, and the in model camera can pan and zoom into the tightest, smallest spaces; our renderer uses accurate path ray tracing to produce realistic shadowing and reflections so you do not lose the realistic qualities of a standard photograph. There is also scope for adding real life images to the background of renders, as well as adding transparent photographic images using the alpha channel feature.



You also have other advantages of having your product created as a 3D model, visit our CAD for 3D Printing page for further information.

If you are intersted in our 3D renderings service send an e mail to or contact us via telephone.