Reverse Engineering & 3D Scanning

In association with Mintronics ltd, RF3 Design offers a reverse engineering service using powerful Geomagic® Design X™ software to quickly generate models for editing in 3D CAD (via the Geomagic® Capture™ scanner).

Many companies rely on reverse engineering to regenerate and/or improve old objects (or parts of larger objects), but many need it to duplicate newer models as well; reverse engineering can also glean vital information on how the model was originally constructed, and can be used for showing how a part is assembled.

Design X™  ( is capable of generating full, solid STEP file geometry for tools required to rebuild a part, as well as quickly provide surface models in STEP and IGES (among others) for easy manipulations, animations, and generating easy to import/export 2D drawings. The software will form a topography of the scanned product, using XOR (“exclusive or”) programming  to recognise individual parts, from which curves and surfaces can be fully edited to create an accurate model (N.B the software’s curvature meshing and antialiasing capabilities will reduce any noise present on the initial model upon edit).

Reverse engineering

Geomagic’s® optics based Capture™ scanner can scan objects within a field of view up to 195mm x 175mm with a depth of 108mm, and will scan parts to a resoluton of 0.1mm. The scanner uses blue light which has the advantages of a longer lasting light source, lower temperature influence due to using LEDs, the ability to scan inside a well lit room while filtering external light sources*, and contributing to the portability/mobility and light weight of the scanner itself.

3D scanner

*Very dark objects may not be picked up by the scanner so we may have to spray a washable, fine white spray paint onto the object; we will let you know if we need to do this and ask whether you are happy with us to proceed.

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