• SnorGo Training Device:

    This image shows the SnorGo training aid, a tool to help cure chronic snoring.

    RF3 Design Ltd produced the 3D models required for production of 3D printed prototypes and tooling for tooling of the SnorGo.

  • The ToTo system:

    RF3 Design did much of the development on the "ToTo" system (Tilt or Turn Over). This device was developed to turn patients on a defined cycle to prevent pressure sores developing for those who are confined to bed for long periods.
    The system comprised 2 main components:
    - The bed topper, which had to accommodate the profiling mechanism on standard beds, and
    - A supply unit, which compromises of an air supply, valves and a control PCB.

    This project proved tricky due to the requirement for the system to operate whilst the patient was sleeping, with particular focus going into vibration damping to keep the operating volume as low as possible.

  • General 3D Design:

    This image shows a portable exhibition stage design we helped one of our regular customers develop. The frame was developed using an off the shelf trussing system- we created a 3D model and detailed BOM for all the required components, as well as supplying wiring diagrams for all the attached equipment including multiple screens, cameras and lighting

Product Design and Development Services in the North East

RF3 Design Limited has recently moved to Newcastle Upon Tyne in the north east.We offer a range of services to support the design and manufacturing of mechanical, electronic and medical products. Over the last decade we’ve worked with many businesses and individuals at all stages of the development process.

Our Key Services:

  • Concept design. Once you’ve got the idea we can help you flesh it out into a workable solution and form a plan to take the idea from paper to production.

  • 3D Modelling, once the broad strokes of the design are worked out we can then create a full 3D model of the design using a range of 3D CAD software packages.

  • Prototyping. Once the 3D design is worked out the next phase in development is to make a prototype. We have an extensive network of manufacturing partners who can produce prototypes through methods such as 3D printing, laser cutting, fabrication and so on.

  • Manufacturing support. Once the design and prototypes are signed off, we can then help support you moving the product into manufacturing by providing supporting documentation such as 3D manufacturing files, detailed 2D drawings, PCB layouts and so on. We also have experience of creating user instruction manuals and working on support documentation for CE technical files for medical devices.

  • Marketing materials. We have a range of rendering and animation tools at our disposal to help produce high quality visuals to promote your new product.

If you have a requirement you think we could help you with, please get in touch and we’d be happy to help.