CAD Training

RF3 Design offer informal yet professionally run CAD training courses for those wanting to learn Alibre CAD, or those who just want to hone their CAD skills in general

RF3 Design have teamed up with fellow CAD experts Mintronics ( to provide day or two day courses in Geomagic Design® ( centred around your needs.

Whether you work in CNC machining at one end of the spectrum or graphic design at the other, we will tailor bespoke training sessions to your personal requirements, yet going through as many features the package offers as possible whilst working at as steady a pace that’s necessary.

Geomagic Design
Geomagic Design®

Standard course objectives include:

  • Opening and closing saved data files
  • Working with parts
  • Sketching
  • Feature creation
  • Reference geometry
  • Assembly design
  • Customising drawings
  • Importing and exporting data



Geomagic® serves as an excellent alternative to more expensive solid modelling packages; a couple of key features include a history tree (that makes it easier to go back and edit your model without having to undo multiple operations), and its user friendly 2D capabilities (including a wide variety of templates, the ‘bill of materials’ feature, and the software’s file importing/exporting aptitude).


We predominantly run courses around South Yorkshire and the East Midlands area but are flexible if you are a company who have multiple employees in need of training. We also offer further training on site (enquire at the end of the course).

Please note that you should bring your own laptop and have Geomagic Design® installed (15 day free trial available to new users). The course covers features available in Geomagic Design® Elements™, so capabilities exclusive to Geomagic Design® (such as sheet metal modelling) are not usually covered (please enquire beforehand). Drinks are freely available during the course but please enquire regarding the service of lunch.

There is an advanced course available for experienced users, contact Mintronics for more information.

Our past CAD training courses have been very successful, and it’s always a pleasure for us to meet new people and new challenges; so if you’re interested in the next course or would like personal on site training, please use the form on our contact page or give us a call to make an enquiry. We look forward to hearing from you.