Disability Product Design News Round Up

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Disability products can make a huge difference to somebody’s life, and it’s great news that this is becoming more of an important matter. Product design plays a vital role in this process, and without it, we wouldn’t be able to see some of the innovative designs we see today. Read the latest news on disability products to see whats new.



Product Design
Product Design

Disability Living Allowance changes begin

A new system for disability allowance is starting to take effect in the UK. Instead of the usual disability  allowance, a personal independence payment will be introduced and will target resources more effectively.

Read more here: Disability living allowance changes begin


Access all areas: The disability-friendly rock festival

Many families have said that they don’t see festivals as an option, as they are too noisy and crowded. But one couple have created a disability friendly music festival, which includes more space, more accessible toilets, and facilities to cater for everyones needs.

Read the story here: Access all areas: The disability friendly rock festival


Disability project makes music using invisible beams

A new system has enabled people with disabilities to play music. The new system launched in Birmingham allows people to play music through the movement of their body.

Read the full story here: Disability project makes music using invisible beams


Robots Offer Alternative For Homebound Students

New technology has enabled students to study from their homes if they are unable to make it into school. The technology allows students  to receive the teaching that they need effectively.

Read the full story here: Robots offer alternative for homebound students

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