About Us

RF3 Design Ltd started life as RF3 Product Design in October 2009. In the years since then we’ve worked tirelessly to ensure that our reputation as a premier product development company allows prospective clients to know that they have chosen the best when they work with RF3 Design Ltd.

Electronic design

Product Development

Across a vast and varied range of sectors, RF3 Design Ltd always brings a strong work ethic and communicative mindset to each and every project we undertake. We use industry leading 3D CAD software to create detailed digital models of the products we develop, and maintain lines of communication throughout the prototyping and manufacturing process to ensure that the end result is the very best product it can be.

Intelligent Design You Can Believe In

RF3 Design has designed and seen through to manufacture a varied bill of products. Each of these was designed with efficiency of design and materials, cost-effectiveness and ease of material sourcing, and aesthetics in mind. We don’t design products and systems weighted to only be attractive, or efficient, or cheap, we balance all these and many other factors equally; this, we believe, ensures that the end result is a strong, marketable and useful item.

Products, Systems and Tech Solutions

It’s not just products and items that RF3 Design Ltd works on – we also offer complete technological and mechanical solutions to create complex and innovative systems for all kinds of sectors, from medical to sports analysis equipment.

To discuss your needs regarding system and product development, call 07730 583648 or visit the contatct us page.