Mechanical Product Design

Advanced Mechanical Product Design

RF3 Design Ltd’s experience in mechanical product design has led us to develop a fantastically varied array of devices. Our designs take into account the availability and suitability for purpose of materials, cost and aesthetic design of the end product, designed to match the client’s brief; we aim to get the job done efficiently no matter how complex the task…

Versatile Design

We offer design and development services across a range of different sectors including general consumer product design, disability design, medical devices and shop fitting. While we’ve enjoyed particular success with our disability support products, we’ve also designed kitchen appliance and entertainment storage units.

New Product: SnorGo

SnorGo Training Device

SnorGo and box

RF3 Design limited had the pleasure of working with Sonaids ltd in the creation of the SnorGo training device- a new tool to help cure snoring.

We helped turn their initial concepts into a 3D model, providing the necessary files and support to produce 3D printed prototypes and then tooling required to take the SnorGo into full production. For more information about SnorGo please visit their website:

Kitchen Storage

Built-in kitchen tv

RF3 Designs Ltd assisted with the development of the above design for BES Products, based on a specially bespoke gas spring. With our mechanical experience and their expert knowledge of gas spring technology, we were able to create an innovate storage solution for a television screen to be used in the kitchen, and stored securely and safely away when not in use to prevent damage. The novelty of this design makes us very proud to have been contracted into this mechanism design project.

Desk Monitor Storage

Similar to the above kitchen design with a business/home office twist, the above design involves a similar mechanism utilised to store a computer monitor into a desk when not in use. This prevents accidental damage or even opportunistic theft by night burglars (which can be a particular problem for institutions with large numbers of computers like schools and universities). It also maximises desk space when a monitor is not needed, which can be of particular value to schools, designers and artists.

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