Electronic Design

Electronic design and development

RF3 Design’s development of electronic circuitry and systems to complement our mechanical designs. Most products today need to integrate a certain amount of electronic components. We have experience of working with motors, actuators, pumps, valve gear and so on, also providing the prototype electronic circuitry and control interface to test the system as a whole.

Once a design is proven and approved, we have a number of industry contacts to refine and produce the electronics, whilst we are experienced in integrating the finished circuitry with the product as a whole.

Examples of our electronic design projects include:

Genie Care’s ToTo system

Electronic Design

RF3 Design developed the basic air supply control system, which comprises of a pump, specialist valve gear and a timing circuit that determines the air path based on the settings on the control panel The system also includes a basic indicator outputs so the operator always knows what stage the system is. Our circuitry designs were used for the product development and testing phases. We have also worked a range of motorised products, developing motion control systems for automated products aimed at the consumer market, as well as pressure alarm systems for specialist medical equipment (designed as an add-on to a current product to alert nursing staff in the event of a failure of the equipment).

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