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Mechanical Design News

Mechanical design encompasses a vast range of products, but most importantly it helps with the process of new medical products. Medical product design is of great importance, from products to help detect diseases, to equipment used to help aid disabled, it forms an important part of every day life for many people. Here is the latest news in medical and mechanical product design.


Mechanical Design
Mechanical Design

Mechanical Prosthetic Hand Developers Release Design To Public Domain [VIDEO]
Creators of a prosthetic hand have made the design free to anyone to use, all that is needed is a 3D printer, which makes the possibility a lot cheaper. The link to this video shows the robotic hand in use.

See the video here: Mechanical prosthetic hand developers release design to public domain


Medical students perform “cyber surgery” with 3D holographic images

Medical students are now able to perform cyber surgery using 3D software that gives students the ability to view 3D images that give the sense of operating on a human. This is great news as it could potentially improve the students learning process.

Read the full story here: Medical students perform “cyber surgery” with 3D holographic images
3D imaging machine helps physicians identify cancer earlier, more frequently

Using a 3D imaging machine to identify potential risks during a mammogram, can now be possible. Thanks to this machine, it’s now possible to view all aspects, rather than a standard 2D image, where it was possible to miss potential risks. This could be a life saver.

Read the full story here: 3D imaging machine helps physicians identify cancer earlier, more frequently


“First medical tricorder” seeks crowd-funding ahead of FDA approval

A device which helps record diagnostics of your well being, is now looking to the public for funding. The device will help read things such as blood pressure, heart rate and core body temperature, to help gage an over all sense of your well being, and may well be able to detect signs of illness.

Read the full story here: First medical tricorder seeks crowd funding ahead of FDA approval



How to achieve the best in product design

Product Design
Product Design

As the technology advances, especially in the field of computer technology, there are more products being designed to be used in the field of computers. You may be willing to venture into product design to meet some needs in the field. That can be a good idea because there is wide market, provided you design a product that will meet some specific needs that are not well utilised in the market already. Different products that you may see in the market that are used in different levels of computer technology were once designed by individuals who had an idea just like the one you may have. For you to achieve the best in product design you need to take the following factors into consideration.


1.Budget on which to work on for you to achieve your design

For any design that you may think of to be successful you need to spend some amount in doing research about the given product and on buying materials to be used in the design. You will need to travel from one place to another while carrying out the design. This can be with an aim of obtaining the necessary information or to do more research. In product design you need to work with models where you will need to display to people the working of your project. These models will require you to spend some money. For you to avoid being strained in the project try and plan a budget on which to work on, to avoid cases where you will end up running short of money for other things that are important in life.


2. Doing research concerning the product

For you to achieve the best out of the product that you are about to design you need to do some research on the product with characteristics almost similar to what you are about to design. This is necessary for you to avoid cases where you will end up designing a product and you are faced with charges due to piracy. In doing research you need to identify similar products and try to make your product an improvement.


3. Working on a time schedule

It is highly advisable for you to decide on a time schedule for you to work on. This is necessary to avoid taking too much time to complete a project. Remember the products especially in the field of computer technology are changing drastically. You may design a product and if you delay, other products will be designed with more superior quality than yours. This will make yourself look inferior within the shortest time which will disadvantage you in getting enough market for your product. It is advisable to release a product within the shortest time possible and try to improve it with time. This will enable you maintain customers as they will like to have an improvement in the product that they already have.

Product Design Round Up

Product Design
Product Design

There are some amazing product design and ideas out there, from cool and quirky, to pure genius bespoke designs. Here is our latest round up of product designs from around the globe.

15+ Beautiful And Clever Products Design

From functional and beautiful wine racks, to a multi purpose lamp, it’s all here. Product design is getting more and more innovative yet challenging. People will often go for more well designed pieces to fit within their home, not only due to the one off designs, but because they can also be a conversation starter when guests come round.

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17 Cool Product Design Ideas

If you’re looking to make your home more interesting, then look no further than some of these products. If you’re perhaps on more of a budget, but want to spark some interest in your home, some of these product designs will get you interested in creating a more interesting feel to your home.

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20 Awesome Products And Design Ideas

If you’re looking for a more quirky way of relaxing in your home, then take a look at some of these functional designs. From rest spaces, to interesting desk designs that integrate ways of creating maximum space in your home.

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Finally, if you’re looking for a guide on the good and the bad, of product design, these guide gives some great tips on what to steer clear of.

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How Many Stages Does The Product Design Process Comprise Of?

Product Design
Product Design

For anyone who is sitting in an office right now, they will discover that almost everything object surrounding them went through the process of product design. At some point, most of the nearby equipment, whether it is the mug that holds their coffee or the telephone they use to make calls or just about any other product, all started out as a concept. Before any company introduces a product, firs they flesh it out via research, then they draw up designs, then they test prototypes for functionality. Eventually, they launch their product onto the market through a campaign, regardless of how big or small it may be.

As complex and involved as the process known as product design may be, it comprises of the following four key stages:


After conceiving an idea, the customer has to be identified by the team behind the product. This includes determine who may be want the product, who may be interested in using the product, and whether similar products already available in the market. Similar items and systems, along with their design, materials, manufacturing process, and targeted customer are analyzed through market research. Although market research is essential required before product designs are drawn, but additionally, it also helps inform and guide any efforts involving marketing, selling and launching a product.

Designing, Engineering, & Prototyping

Once market research provides a concept with a firmer foundation, then a design is developed by the engineers as a part of the second stage of product design. First, they use drawings and 3D computerized models to produce this design and eventually, they produce it physically as well. The physical design that is produced as a result is known as the prototype, which is precisely almost similar to the end product. Although they may not use identical materials, they make sure that the performance of the prototype is as close to that of the end product as possible. In the past, it would take a lot of time to create an initial model and prototype. However, process has become far more efficient and moves along a lot quicker because of 3D design software and printing, and plastic injection molding techniques.


When it comes to product design, one of the eventual goals is to reproduce the end product in mass. In the previous decades, when manufacturers did not pay much attention to design for manufacturability, as a result, they could not reproduce a product or system that was developed by engineers. As a result, not only a lot of time, but a considerable amount of money was wasted. This is why documentation is an integral stage in the process and is an essential step towards manufacturing. This ensures that all the drawings and files needed to manufacture the item are compiled and organised.


In any product design effort, successfully making a product available in the market, on time, is the ultimate goal and the final stage of the process. However, there may be a variation in who is marketing the product. For instance, contract manufacturers adopt the product design model because are serve as a producer for an external client, while most of the funds and time are put into marketing and sales by the client. Similarly, the full process can be executed by a designer or manufacturer, from the beginning with a simple concept and conducting market research through marketing and selling the product.

It can be quite daunting to develop a product, but it can be far easier for those who know the basic steps and are aware of the key stages of product design.