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The 7 Steps of Product Design

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Any serious business knows the importance of introducing new products to the market. In this world of business there is a lot of competition which means that in order to succeed in any business you really have to impress your potential customers. A product design is a major part of product branding which usually determines the superiority of your product in the market. You can never go wrong in investing a in a good product design as it is what’s sets your product a part from others in a competitive market.

One of the biggest challenges in launching a new product both in new as well as in already established businesses is the cost of marketing. A successful design will reduce this cost as it makes your product appealing and in the long run creating customer loyalty.

The process is usually broken down into seven main steps namely: problem assessment, research, idea analysis, prototyping, final design, testing and manufacturing.

Product Design
Product Design

Problem assessment

Many businesses thrive in commercialising solutions to problems in a certain community. Solutions may take the form of either improvement to physical products or services or inventing new products or services. Design process starts when an idea is generated in the mind. At this point it is advisable to write the idea on paper and what problem the idea seeks to solve.


This step involves conducting research to find out if there are other similar ideas or products elsewhere. The focus here is to refine the idea and identify the target market. A good product design focuses on customer satisfaction and involves determining the price that the target customer will be willing to pay for the product, usability, safety as well as disposal. It is hence very important to know the specific customer needs and preferences. Some of the important information that this step seeks to find is; size of product, materials needed in the design and the products needs and requirements-whether there are other products that will be needed to use this particular product such as batteries.

Idea analysis 

Based on the findings on the previous stage-research, product sketches are produced through brain storming and other forms of discussions. This stage seeks to come up with as many designs sketches as possible and at the end of this step one or two sketches are selected and moved to the next stage-prototyping.


A design of the chosen sketches or sketches on the previous stage is created in 3D using the material and color that is expected to be used in the final product. The focus here is not the product functionality but the appearance and usability though basic functionality of product is implemented.

Final design

A final design is produces based on the features of the prototype and all the changes that may have been suggested are made. Complete functionality of the product is implemented at this stage. A few samples are produced a waiting testing.


This stage is very import in the design process and should never be overlooked. It is at this stage where the product is taken to a lab for testing by professionals. This will enable it to be certified by the governing body such as the bureau of standards. Testing also involves distributing samples for use by potential customers and getting their feedback.


If the results of the testing stage are satisfactory the product is ready for mass production else part or the whole process of product design is repeated.

It is very important to remember that every stage of the design process should be documented and all the documents complied and kept as the information can be used in future either for other new product designs or for product improvement.










Inspiring Product Design Web Magazines

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As product design is such a fast paced technology, it can sometimes feel impossible to keep on track with the newest innovative products. We’ve rounded up some inspiring web based magazines that feature product design and industrial design, that keep us up to date with the latest breaking technology in the world today.

Product Design
Product Design

Design Boom

Design boom is a a great place for professionals and young amateur designers to come together and learn about the latest news stories from across the world. They’re always on top of the latest headlines when it comes to design, heres one we particularly liked –

Design Boom – solar-powered flat pack refugee shelters by IKEA



Wired is a magazine for all things geeky, and they blog about a variety of different news articles, from entertainment, science and technology. We like their articles about 3D printing, which is a relatively new and emerging technology, which is gaining more and more popularity.

Wired – Is this 3D printed cast the future of healing broken bones?



Core77 really has it all, and is a fantastic place to find all you may need for industrial design. From news articles to job listings and discussion forums.



Monkee Design

Monkee Design is the place for inspiration and congregates industrial and product designers together, to help each other look for gorgeous designs. In such a fast paced environment when it comes to products, it’s important to keep designs fresh and interesting and not get lost amongst the crowd. We particularly like their inspiration page.

Check it out here – Monkee Design – Inspiration


The Latest in Mechanical Design

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Sometimes in mechanical design, new products and concepts are drafted up that involve the use of 3D printing. 3D printing is a relatively new concept on the rest of us, and has the potential to create products that can change peoples lives. Take a look at some of these designs that use the technology and how it can change the way we live.


Mechanical Design
Mechanical Design

Researchers create ‘bionic ear’ with a 3D printer

Thanks to advancements in technology it’s now possible to combine cells to create a bionic ear which can receive and transmit radio signals. the scientists said this bionic wasn’t to replace a human one, but to simple show what can be done with 3D printing, and the possibilities that it has.

Read more: Researchers create ‘bionic ear’ with a 3D printer


Is this the plaster cast of the future? Designer uses 3D printing to create tailor-made exoskeleton to help heal broken bones

A designer has used a 3D printer to create a new type of cast for broken bones, which could potentially replace the old bulky casts that are traditionally used. The new cast will be lightweight and breathable and will be moulded to the specific patient.

Read more here: Is this the plaster cast of the future?


3D-Printed Human Organs Prep Doctors for Real Surgeries

3D printing has allowed the possibility of surgeons to practice on patients organs, before they carry out the surgery for real. This is a great advancement, and can help surgeons get a grasp on how they will undertake the surgery in regards to the physiology of the organ.

Read the full story here: 3D printed human organs prep doctors for real surgeries


Buttercup the Duck gets prosthetic 3D-printed foot

A duck who was born with his left foot turned, has been fitted with a 3D printed prosthetic foot to help him walk normally. The prosthetic foot has taken some time to get used to, but means that he now has the ability to walk better.

Read the full story here: Buttercup the duck gets prosthetic 3D printed foot

Mechanical Design News

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Mechanical design encompasses a vast range of products, but most importantly it helps with the process of new medical products. Medical product design is of great importance, from products to help detect diseases, to equipment used to help aid disabled, it forms an important part of every day life for many people. Here is the latest news in medical and mechanical product design.


Mechanical Design
Mechanical Design

Mechanical Prosthetic Hand Developers Release Design To Public Domain [VIDEO]
Creators of a prosthetic hand have made the design free to anyone to use, all that is needed is a 3D printer, which makes the possibility a lot cheaper. The link to this video shows the robotic hand in use.

See the video here: Mechanical prosthetic hand developers release design to public domain


Medical students perform “cyber surgery” with 3D holographic images

Medical students are now able to perform cyber surgery using 3D software that gives students the ability to view 3D images that give the sense of operating on a human. This is great news as it could potentially improve the students learning process.

Read the full story here: Medical students perform “cyber surgery” with 3D holographic images
3D imaging machine helps physicians identify cancer earlier, more frequently

Using a 3D imaging machine to identify potential risks during a mammogram, can now be possible. Thanks to this machine, it’s now possible to view all aspects, rather than a standard 2D image, where it was possible to miss potential risks. This could be a life saver.

Read the full story here: 3D imaging machine helps physicians identify cancer earlier, more frequently


“First medical tricorder” seeks crowd-funding ahead of FDA approval

A device which helps record diagnostics of your well being, is now looking to the public for funding. The device will help read things such as blood pressure, heart rate and core body temperature, to help gage an over all sense of your well being, and may well be able to detect signs of illness.

Read the full story here: First medical tricorder seeks crowd funding ahead of FDA approval



Product Design

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Product Design
Product Design

3D printing has the ability to change the way we look at product design, and the way it can be done. 3D printing is only really at it’s starting point, with so many possibilities and outcomes. We decided to take a look at the latest news surrounding the amazing technology, to see what is currently being produced. Check out the latest news round up here.


These 3D Printed Mobiles Will Blow Your Mind

These mobiles were made by using mathematical equations to create intricate shapes and detail, and were then printed, with some of them having hundreds of parts to them.

Read the full story here: 3D Printed Mobiles Will Blow Your Mind


The Next Frontier in 3D Printing Is Pizza

Feeling peckish? Well the next step in printing could possibly be food. NASA is currently investing into this technology, to hopefully change the way of food in space, as well as here on Earth.

Read the full story here: The next frontier in 3D Printing is Pizza.


3D printed guns are going to create big legal precedents

By now many of us will have heard of the creation of a gun using a 3D printer. This project design has caused some major controversy, over the safety of this technology, how easy is it going to be for people to create their own firearms?

Read the full story here: 3D printed guns are going to create big legal precedents.

One day it will be possible to 3D-print a human liver

Medical research is always improving thanks to technological advances. Scientists now believe that in the near future it may be possible to print human tissue. This could mean a break through in research as medical scientists will be able to test new drugs on these.

Read the full story here: One day it will be possible to 3D print a human liver

As you can see, there are many ways of incorporating product design, and many new ways of producing designs using advanced technology that we never thought would be possible.