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RF3 Design Ltd provides development and design services across many sectors.

RF3 Design Ltd – Product Design, Derby. Design Engineering Specialists

Shop Fitting Support

The 3D designs we can make help our clients see the exact positions and dimensions of the designs we create.

Mechanical Design

RF3 Design Ltd’s mechanical design experience has led us to develop a fantastically varied array of products. Our designs take into account the availability and suitability for purpose of materials, cost and aesthetic design of the end product, designed to match the client’s brief.

Electronic Design

RF3 Design Ltd has designed many products to help those with disabilities. Two examples are the products shown here, both developed in conjunction with Genie Care Ltd.

RF3 Design Ltd – Product Design, Derby. Design Engineering Specialists

RF3 Design Ltd is a product design company, specialising in mechanical and electronic design, based in Ilkeston, Derby, UK. We have completed projects across a spectrum of niches, from developing a design and supporting the manufacture of specialist pressure care equipment designed to prevent bedsores, to creating wiring schematics and 3D PDF diagrams for the build of an industry-leading golf swing analysis studio.

RF3 Design Ltd

We maintain active client communications throughout the process, ensuring that all designs we produce have been advised and authorised by each of our clients' exacting specifications. We also forge strong relationships with suppliers and manufacturing companies, allowing for quicker and more affordable project completion. Our range of product design projects has allowed us to create many good relationships with trusted local companies.

We have a wealth of experience in all fields of product design. Though we specialise in providing mechanical product design companies know they can trust us with a range of products; we have designed and created signage for major food companies, kitchen storage for electrical appliances, low-lying beds for those who find themselves falling in sleep, and space-saving storage solutions for computer monitors in desks.

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RF3 Design Ltd - Product Design, Derby. Design engineering specialists.