How Product Design Has Changed The Way You Live

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With product design constantly evolving to adapt, it’s no wonder we sometimes forget how much it benefits our everyday life. From something as simple as a water bottle, to products designed to aid disabilities, it’s all important and it all has a great impact on the way we live. We’ve collected some resources on some of the most inspiring designs that you may not necessarily think will have had an impact on your life.


Product Design
Product Design

35 Revolutionary Design Products That Will Change the Way You Live

Combining both form and function to create some beautiful designs that overcome obstacles. There’s even a device which kills germs that may lay on you phone.

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To See How Our Society Has Changed, Look at Your Kitchen

According to an exhibit at MOMA, you only have to look at your kitchen to see how design has evolved. Whether that be the kitchen itself, or the products we place in it, it has all adapted to changes to flow with the way we live, combining ease of use to make life easier. as well as good, attractive design.

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How Design Strategy Has Changed In Recent Years

Design is something that has to evolve with people, and evolve with what consumers want. A company that showcases this brilliantly is Apple, their designs are so on point with what their customers want that when a new product of theirs is launched, there is huge hype around it, and people even camp out to be one of the first to get their hands on it.

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How have Product Design Tools Changed and Developed

With software programs such as CAD, it has become much easier for product designers to create realistic drawings and models of what the end product will look like, this means it is much easier to create effective products that meet the needs of consumers. We wonder what will be next in the world of product design tools.

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