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The Advantages of a 3D PDF

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3D PDFUsing 3D PDFs in your presentation can really help to put your ideas across. In many cases, it can make all the difference between approval and rejection.

No matter whether you’re pitching a new product, construction project, interior design or anything which requires presenting to a board, including a 3D PDF can really help you express the fine details of your project and communicate as effectively as possible.

What is a 3D PDF?

A 3D PDF is a document which can be displayed on any computer, Windows, Mac or Linux, rendered in 3D layers. The PDF was created by Adobe as the Portable Document Format in 1993 as a successful attempt to attain universal compatibility. This means that you’ll never be embarrassed by compatibility issues!

PDF technology has advanced fantastically over the last 20 years. Now we at RF3 Design Limited can utilise PDFs to create fully revolvable, layer-based models. Say for instance that you’re presenting the design for a new gadget. A PDF with 3D rendering can show that product from any angle, and can show the outer shell for marketing. This layer can then be hidden to show the product’s mechanics – as many layers as you need to display how the product’s components are arranged.

It helps to display exactly how your project will be created to the people who can make it happen!

How Can 3D PDFs be Used?

As well as the product design example used above, the following industries can really benefit from PDFs in 3D:

Interior Design

Photographs can show real-life examples of what interiors can look like, but lack depth and interactivity. Using a PDFs in 3D in your pitch can allow clients to see exactly where each element goes, with the ability to see the room from any angle and remove layers to explain your design as fully as possible.


Construction projects can be fantastically complicated. Explain the fine details to your financiers, clients or construction team how everything is placed layer by layer, piece by piece. It captures the imagination and helps spell everything out perfectly, saving time, mistakes, and money.

Check It Out!

This video shows perfectly how PDFs use 3D; check it out now!

If you’re ready to get started with 3D PDF work, contact RF3 Design Limited today!

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