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Services for shop fitters

How RF3 Design can help shop fitters:

  • We can turn your initial concepts into fully rendered 3D CAD models, ideal for pitching proposals to clients, and understanding the suitability/feasibility of an idea.
  • We can create 3D PDF models, which can be emailed directly to clients and opened easily using Adobe Reader, giving potential clients the ability to move and visualise the proposed product/design from their own computer.
  • We can create bespoke solutions to design problems where no off the shelf or standard fixtures exist, such as mounting brackets, fixtures for screens and so on.

Continuing the process…

RF3 Design continues providing services for the duration of the project by providing:

  • Full engineering drawings.
  • 2D drawings of specific parts/elements of the design.
  • Elevation views.
  • Schematics for the installation of specialist equipment, for example, CAT 6 cabling for camera studios.

(Please note we do not provide electrical engineering services.)

Case Study: Golf Performance Studios

In the project below, we assisted MIA Sports Technology with the installation of their industry leading golf swing analysis system for one of their customers’ studios. The objective was to layout the room ensuring optimal use of the equipment within the constraints of the space available. The project required 3D renderings of the initial design concept to be pitched to the customer, followed by fully annotated engineering drawings and schematics, as well as creating bespoke fixtures to mount the various devices.


Golf Schematic


Following on, MIA Sports commissioned a project to construct a free-standing golf swing analysis studio using Prolight Group’s Truss frame and staging systems. This project has proved to be highly successful by enabling MIA Sports to demonstrate their ‘Performance Studios’ at a variety of trade shows and exhibits.

Shop Fitting

The following is a 3D PDF image of MIA Sport’s free-standing Performance Studio which requires Adobe PDF reader (version 9.0 or higher) available for free from their website.

Instructions for use:

  1. Download the file from this link (right click and select ‘Save Link As’)
  2. Open in Adobe PDF reader
  3. Click on the image to activate
  4. Use the left mouse button to rotate the object, the right mouse button to zoom in and out and both buttons to move the object around the page.

Case Study 2: Clothing Shop Re-fit

The purpose of this project was to provide our client with 3D renderings of their proposed concept of a clothing store interior which had a rusty, industrial-style theme, and incorporated the following style staircase:

Rusty Staircase

The following 3D renderings were included in the proposal which our client successfully pitched winning them the lucrative contract.

Mezanine 1 (real lighting)

Mezanine view from balcony

Get in Touch Today!

The 3D designs we can make help our clients see the exact positions and dimensions of the designs we create. These are shown in standard PDF format for maximum compatibility, allowing them to be shared with the installation technicians. We keep a strong communication channel during this process to prevent mistakes or time hold-ups which can prove costly.

RF3 Design Ltd is always glad to hear from anyone interested in the services we provide! The designs we create can range from complex systems such as the MIA Golf Studio to much simpler products, so please do contact us today!

Call us on 07730 583 648 to discuss anything you need help with.

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