The litter sisters from the 2015 litter by Maggi de Rozario`s Dalleaf D`Accord avec Jemblewood (Caper)
ex Dalmark the Flamenco

Photo Ann Hurst,
Dalmark Fliss - Oo La La!,
Winning Best Puppy in Show at the BDC Open Show 2015
One of several Best Puppy awards that year

Personality-plus Fliss is very confident and outgoing but can be a bit naughty!

Photo Donna Whincup,
Dalmark the Creme de Cassis Winning Res Best Bitch
and Best Liver at the BDC Open Show 2018

Freckles is much more reserved and just wants to be with me and help all the time.
She is the one who taught herself to bring everyone`s bowls back after meals and put them on the table for me, loves Obedience and would make an excellent Assistance Dog!

The current baby of the family

Photo Donna Whincup,
Dalmark the Blondie at a show recently

A thoroughly pleasant little bitch with a superb temperament and totally non-aggressive, Blondie is sadly not very interested in showing but also loves Obedience

2014 Some of the pups from the very small litter by
Wendy Jubb`s Ch Dalmark the Double Agent JW (Bisto) ex Dalmark the Sand Witch (Hula)

The late Dalmark the Wizard of Oz (Fred)
Photo Liz Sampson

Fred was the late Brian Littler`s dog and handled by wife Sue.

Just beginning to mature and do a nice bit of winning when he tragically died with a very unusual form of gastric torsion at the age of just 2 1/2 years. Brian died soon afterwards. A very sad time.

Colin and Ann Healey`s
Dalmark the White Witch of Hebemor (Shula)
Photo Ann Hurst.

Shula has been a consistant winner in the ring at all types of show and enjoys Carriage Dog work as well. She has now joined the famous Hebemor Agility team of Dalmatians.

All the Hebemors, like the Dalmarks, are put right through the KCGC Obedience test to Gold.

Dalmark The Flamenco

  • Born 18/03/2010 by my Connor ex Essie

    Flamenco is exactly like her father in every way, including the superb laid back temperament although she can be quite naughty! Not campagned due to immaturity but she has had some nice wins here and there.

    Flamenco is currently making a showring comeback in the Veteran classes and doing rather well. She has taken two BVIS awards so far in 2018 and is thoroughly enjoying being shown again.

  • Dalmark The Pinot Grigio ShCM (Pino)
    Born 14/06/2012 By Connor ex Hula

    Aged 4 months

    Aged about 10 months, at a show

    And as a junior - Photo Liz Sampson
    Pino has the most wonderful kind temperament, outgoing, loves everyone, totally non-aggressive.
    Although, like his Dad, a very slow maturer he has had some very nice wins since his show-ring debut especially at Club shows.
    eg BPIS at the Joint Dal Clubs Champ show (his first outing), 2 firsts at the NEDC Champ show and 4 firsts plus Res Best Dog (to his uncle Merlot!) at the Nov BDC Open show all in 2013.

    Pino now has his KCGC Gold award and is enjoying some more advanced obedience.

    Dalmark The Sandwitch 'Hula'
  • Born 28 / 9 / 2008 by Cibrith Cosworth ("Bob") ex our Dalmark The Silvery Moon.

  • Hula, who sometimes plays me up in the ring, has not been extensively shown but took Best Puppy at Richmond in 2009, and Best In Show at the recent NEDC open show. Hula has her KCGC Silver and now well on the way to gold.

    Here are two of the 2006 puppies who have enjoyed sucessful show careers
  • Dalmark The Super Sleuth JW (Essie)
  • One CC and several reserves (unfortunately badly affected by phantoms)
    KCGC Gold obedience
    Ch Dalmark The Double Agent JW (Bisto).
    Owned by Wendy Jubb.

    Bisto was made up in 2009, well done!


  • Panda- who is from the 2004 litter by Spotty ex Polly.

    Panda has not been campaigned in 2006, but has won all 4 of the championship classes in which she has been entered.


  • This is the famous puppy from the 2005 litter by Cibrith Catkin ex Dalmark Moon Callista owned and campaigned by Toni and Stevie Stocks. Merlot has had a fantastic puppy career winning no less than 4 BPIS at dalmatian club shows as well as numerous other BP awards.
  • Merlot has continued his illustrious career and has 26 CC's at this time.


  • And his black spotted litter sister owned by Karen and Jonathan Boden, "Summer". She has had some good placings at the few shows she has attended this year.


  • My own beautifully constructed liver spotted puppy from the same litter, "Silvie"


    RIGHT: Spotty after winning Best Puppy in Show at the British Dalmatian Club championship show in August 2004

    Spotty's pedigree:

    Cibrith Catkin JW
    SIRE: Cibrith Catalyst at Dakata
    Dash of Pepper with Cibrith

    Ch Dalmark the Amber Gambler JW
    DAM: Dalmark the Azalea
    Dalmark the Zephyr

    (AT 10 MONTHS)
    Above: Spotty as an adult. Photo by Lou Garton spring 2006
    Spot, now a very young-looking Senior Veteran, finished (rather unluckily I feel) with 2 CC's and numerous reserves plus KCGC gold obedience.


    (4 YEARS)
    Connor has a wonderful placid temperament
    and what a superb pedigree:

    Ch Dalmark The Amber Gambler
    SIRE: Ch Mariscat Manhattan
    Ch Dalmark The Sunspot

    Ch & Ir Ch Dalynrics Mr Dillon
    DAM: Ir Ch Kasara Truly Scrumptious
    Ir Ch Clonmaggaden Princess

    Connor, now also a Senior, was not extensively campaigned as did not mature till about 5 years old!

    He has a Res CC and KCGC Gold and has passed on his superb temperament to his children.