The Breed:
Dalmatians as a breed are best described as 'fun' dogs. Dalmatians are generally very friendly with people, and as long as they are well socialised, they are fine with other dogs as well.
The only real downside to a Dalmatian is the fact that they cannot be ignored. This means that they are not suitable for families with babies or very young children, not because the dog will not get on with the baby, but more that the dog will simply not get the attention it needs because the family will be too busy with the new born. On the other hand, they are extremely good for families with slightly older children, as then they become a 'pal' with the kids, and both dog and kids have a great time.
The only other thing that a new owner of a dally really should know is this; Dalmatians are as a rule, very strong. They were used in the last Century as 'Carriage' dogs- who used to run along side carriages on long journeys to deter highwaymen. This means that they need a lot of exercise, and so it wouldn't be a good idea for any person to have a Dalmatian who's not fit and active.