3D PDF Designs

RF3 design provide a service for creating 3D PDF interactive objects and plans out of 2D designs and concepts.

The 3D PDF files are small enough to be sent through email and only require Adobe PDF reader, freely available, in order to work.

3D PDF enable the viewer:

  • to view the object/design from any angle
  • zoom in and out at any point on the object/design
  • to help visualise the finished piece
  • to easily send the design to others parties, globally, without the need for specialist software

Bring your ideas to life by turning your 2D designs and concepts into interactive 3D objects!

RF3 design can create 3D PDFs of

  • Architectural designs: either interior, exterior or cut away designs
  • Current products: show the intricate details of your product using a 3D PDF rather than photographs which can be unclear and can not be viewed from any angle
  • Products in the design stage: help prospective customers and clients visualise your design idea, entice potential customer and ideal for product proposals.

Example 1

The following is a 3D PDF image of MIA Sport’s free-standing Performance Studio which requires Adobe PDF reader (version 9.0 or higher) available for free from their website:


Instructions for use:

  1. Download the file from this link (right click and select ‘Save Link As’)
  2. Open in Adobe PDF reader
  3. Click on the image to activate
  4. Use the left mouse button to rotate the object, the right mouse button to zoom in and out and both buttons to move the object around the page.

Example 2

The following example shows how 2D plans can be turned into interactive 3D PDF visualisations.

3D PDF Bungalow

The following 3D PDFs show a variety of visualisations for a client to choose from.

1. External view of the bungalow, including roof.
Bungalow Including Roof PDF

2. External view of the bungalow, without roof.
Bungalow Without Roof PDF

3. View of the bungalow’s extension only.
Bungalow Extension Only PDF

Posted by on Mar 20, 2013